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Consciousness-based Education

Consciousness-based education (CBE) is becoming popular in schools and universities worldwide
promoting holistic human development, which is an integration of ancient wisdom where the practice of Transcendental Meditation playing a pivotal role.

Over 600 scientific research studies, conducted at more than 250 universities and research institutions in 33 countries (which includes USA, UK, India, South Africa, Australia, Netherlands, etc.) validate the wide-ranging benefits of conciseness-based education, which include increased intelligence and creativity, improved academic performance, better health and decreased anxiety, higher moral reasoning, increased self-actualization, and better job performance— benefits which make the individual successful in all avenues of life. (,

Therefore, obtaining scientific insights to the field of consciousness that manifests ALL physicality is very essential in this exercise

According to Vice Chancellor’s Vision Statement and Strategic Plan 2019-2023 (Strategic Activity, the CBE Unit is being established at Eastern University, Sri Lanka which is first of this kind in the country.


Management Committee

operates directly under the Vice Chancellor:

Dr. M. Sithambaresan, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science
Dr. K. T. Sundaresan, Department of Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Health-Care Sciences

Dr. K. Rajendram, Department of Geography, Faculty of Arts & Culture
Mr. T. Paranthaman, Department of Commerce, Faculty of Commerce & Management
Mr. K. A. N. K. Karunarathna, Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science
Mr. S. Srikishnah, Department of Crop Science, Faculty of Agriculture.

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Strategic Activity


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